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Tennis Courts

The Tennis Courts and its facilities are available for SILVERLAKE Residents to enjoy.
DO NOT drive vehicles on the grass and please put trash in its place.
There are NO Restroom facilities located at the park.
No Resident may reserve for private use any of the pavilions or other facilities.

Silverlake Homeowners Association, Inc.
1.     Courts are to be used by Silverlake residents and their guests only. Guest (including tennis instructors must be accompanied by residents at all times when using the courts.
2.     Tennis lessons are restricted to the North Courts #3 and #4 ONLY. Court numbers are posted on the entrance gates. Lessons are limited to 90 minutes each court. An effort should be made to schedule all lessons during non-peak usage times.
3.     The South Courts are for resident use ONLY and lessons are not permitted.
4.     Reservation sign-up is available online Reservations are not guaranteed and are subject to court availability. Reservations are considered void if players are more than 10 min late to court.
5.     No holding courts while others are waiting. At least two (2) players must be present to reserve a court.
6.     No more than (4) players to a court.
7.     If other residents are waiting to play, please limit you’re playing time to one (1) hour.
8.     While waiting for courts, please wait outside of the gates.
9.     No children are allowed on the courts unless they are playing tennis and accompanied by an adult resident or tennis instructor.
10.     Proper tennis attire required. Tennis court shoes (non-marking soles) only.
11.     Animals (except service animals), skates, skateboards, hoverboards, wagons, strollers, basketball or any other non-tennis related items are not permeated in the tennis court area.
12.     No glass containers, alcohol, or tobacco is allowed in the tennis court area.
13.     Abusive language will not be tolerated. Radios are not permitted.
14.     Please put litter in its place.
15.     The gates are not to be propped open for any reason.
16.     Residents or Tennis Instructors who violate these rules will have their access card deactivated for a minimum of 30 days.
17. Abuse of these facilities will not be tolerated
18. The Board of Directors has the right to amend these rules at any time.

Please report issues to Crest Management
email [email protected]

Important Information

Location: 2515 Southwyck Parkway

Hours: 6:00 a.m to 10:00 p.m

Opens: Daily

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